ADMARIN DCC” was established in 1978 as a private engineering and consultant company by O. Altan Demirsoylu, whose initials “A” and “D” are forming the name “ADMARIN DCC” for the company.

Since, the firm has been providing design, consulting and contracting services for all floating vessels such as container ships, ro-ro ships, chemical tankers, yachts and naval ships to the owners and shipyards.

Between the years 1979-1993 design and contracting services were rendered to major Turkish contractors. Vessel deliveries in these years served for ADMARIN DCC not only to build up experience and brand recognition in ship building in Turkey but also served to establish the grounds for foreigners; major Western Europe shipping nations. During this period very successful cooperation was conducted with CIG/HOLLAND on supplying ships equipment and production in Turkey.

Consequently first encounter for shipbuilding with Western Europe happened to be the design of M/T Ilona Theresa 2,500 DWT chemical tanker. Being the first chemical tanker exported from Turkey, the vessel was delivered on November 1994 to Messrs: Unifleet B.V. of Rotterdam.

This delivery was followed by more than 120 ships in the following 16 years.

On the other hand, since 1988, ADMARIN DCC has been acting as the consultant for the military industry projects to Messrs: Otokar, an affiliate of “Koç Holding”. Shortly after RMK shipyard joined Koc holding in 1997, ADMARIN DCC took the responcibilty of building a shipyard capable of building naval and special ships, later together executed the design and project management of TN tankers, A-571 Albay Hakkı Burak and A-572 Yüzbaşı İhsan Tolunay very successfully. ADMARIN DCC also developed business corporations with RMK for the construction of chemical tankers on account of European Owners and acted as co-contractor for various projects for building tankers on account of Messrs: Unifleet, Messrs: Petrogas Atlantico and Messrs: Herning Shipping.

Also, ADMARIN DCC is involved in technology transfer and supplying design package for the first time ever to be exported from Turkey to China. This achievement is used for the successful building and delivery of 24 tankers to the account of West European owners, which same scenario can be applied to third countries as well.

Chemical tankers are sophisticated, difficult to comply with international regulations that require superior design and engineering. Capturing this niche even fortified “Barriers to Entry” in favour of ADMARIN DCC that the company has already started to build up.

In addition to above-mentioned projects, ADMARIN DCC designed eight Fast Landing Crafts (22 knots with carrying capacity of 7 MBT’s) for Turkish Navy and co-operated with ADİK Shipyard as design partner. Lately concept designs of two tank landing ships for the Turkish navy under construction in the same shipyard are also based on ADMARIN DCC’s concept design.

In 2011 ADMARIN DCC setup a new company called NADSYS (Naval Architecture & Defence Systems Co. Ltd.) to deal with more sophisticated designs such as fast attack crafts, hospital ships and defence equipment. To accomplish this vision, NADSYS cooperates with several medium sized defence system companies, such as C-JOB of Holland which the relation with the partners goes back to late 80’s.

Since 1995, ADMARIN DCC exports turnkey, coated or stainless steel tankers to Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Greece, UK and Germany with several shipyards in Tuzla, İstanbul. (See Track Record)

ADMARIN DCC currently has various contacts for tanker construction local and at abroad MOU/NDA with Pipavav-India for commercial vessels to be starting step for defence projects. Currently NADSYS (Naval Architecture & Defence Systems Co. Ltd.) is involved in military/governmental research projects with domestic companies.


In 2001, ADMARIN was approved for ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certificate from RINA for design, repair, reconstruction, project management, production management of ships, yachts and all kind of sea crafts. In fact, ADMARIN is the very first design company that qualified for ISO-9001 certificate for ship designing sector in Turkey.