Admarin DCC‘s design journey started in the year 1978 as a small private engineering company with their very first design of a dry cargo ship with the belief of “ship designing or simply industrial designing, shouldn’t be limited between the regular work hours during 5 days a week but instead should be spread out to 24 hours a day, any day, at any time.”

In time, company adjust itself to the changing industry and market, constantly developing technology and related rules.

Our state of art designs are achieved by our team of expert engineers and our cooperation with the end-user during the detailed design phase to fulfill their satisfaction.

With this approach, we became and proved ourselves as one of the internationally well-known and successful design companies.


1.  R & D on Naval and Defence sectors  –  Permanently on alert with commercial market and naval defence markets.

2.  Consultancy to companies who are involved in marine sector  –  To be in contact with leading owners, brokers and defence companies.

3.  Concept design  –  What is in owners mind translated to technical language as far as applicable and acceptible.

4.  Detailed design  –  From concept design to producible details approved by class societies and related authorities.

5.  Workshop design  –  Translating of detailed design to the people who are builders and outfitters.

6.  Production data generation  –  Workshop design details transformed into digital format for production equipment.

7. Supervision during construction  –  Putting ourselves in our customers shoes if we are going to accept, approve and be satisfied with the outcome.

8.  Official delivery documentation  –  Preparing the newborn’s identification documentation for the authorities.

9.  Consultancy during lifetime of the vessel  –  Always keeping an eye on our customers loved ones.

“From concept to detail by us,

Detail to reality together with you”


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