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Mr Demirsoylu is a guest design lecturer and mentor for dissertation students in Universities

ADMARIN DCC is involved in technology transfer and supplying design package for the first time ever to be exported from Turkey to China. This achievement is used for the successful building and delivery of 24 tankers to the account of West European owners, which same scenario can be applied to third countries as well.

In 2011 ADMARIN DCC setup a new company called NADSYS (Naval Architecture & Defence Systems Co. Ltd.) to deal with more sophisticated designs such as fast attack crafts, hospital ships and defence equipment. To accomplish this vision, NADSYS cooperates with several medium sized defence system companies, such as C-JOB of Holland which the relation with the partners goes back to late 80’s.

ADMARIN DCC currently has various contacts for tanker construction local and at abroad MOU/NDA with PIPAVAVDOC-India for commercial vessels to be starting step for defence projects. Currently NADSYS (Naval Architecture & Defence Systems Co. Ltd.)  is involved in military/governmental research projects with domestic companies.